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The word "surgery" often throws red flags of worry or even panic in pet owners' minds -- but it really shouldn't. When properly performed by skilled veterinarians, surgery can prevent future health problems, resolve acute injuries, relieve chronic conditions and even save lives. If it appears that surgery may be a necessary step for ensuring your pet's ongoing health, wellness and comfort, rest assured that your special friend is in good hands here at Cambie Animal Hospital. We're proud to serve as your trusted source for pet surgery in Vancouver BC.

Why Your Pet Might Need Surgery

There are all kinds of reasons a pet might need surgery, not all of them urgent in nature. For instance, spay and neuter surgery is essential, not only for preventing pregnancy, but also for reducing your pet's risks for several types of cancer and other diseases related to the reproductive system. Pets suffering from severe chronic pain due to advanced arthritis or hip dyspepsia can benefit greatly from corrective surgery to relieve their joint pain and restore their quality of life. A dental extraction can ease pain that prevents normal chewing while also helping to resolve oral infections.

Surgery is also necessary in more urgent situations. If your pet suffers from gastric dilatation volvulus (the twisting of the digestive organs also known as bloat), he may need emergency surgery to correct this condition. Acute injuries may include lacerations that need to be sealed and/or broken bones that need to be fixed with metal hardware. Internal or external tumors that may be cancerous may need to be removed as soon as possible. Urinary stones and other internal blockages often require immediate surgical attention. A pet experiencing difficult labor may need a C-section to save both her babies and herself. In these and other serious scenarios, you'll be glad you have access to skilled pet surgery in Vancouver BC.

What to Expect From Our Vancouver Animal Hospital

Some pet owners worry about the use of general anesthesia on their beloved pets. While it's true that anesthesia poses certain risks, it's also true that it's absolutely necessary, even during many minor surgeries -- not only to ensure that your pet remains calm and comfortable, but also to keep him absolutely still throughout the procedure. Our Vancouver animal hospital takes every possible measure to secure your pet's safety. We administer pre-surgery evaluations to determine which type of anesthetic your pet can most easily tolerate, then monitor your pet's vital signs and respiration with the utmost care during the surgery itself.

Following surgery, we will advise you on what to expect and how best to care for your pet. In addition to prescribing antibiotics and painkillers to ease the recuperation process, we will instruct you on how to care for the incision site and watch for any potential complications that might require additional attention. Call (604) 321-6600 to learn more about our surgical services!

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