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Cambie Animal Hospital is your one-stop shop for all your pet's primary care needs. Take a look at the many services provided by our Vancouver animal hospital, they include:

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Wellness Care

Regular wellness checks and procedures are a must for helping your pet enjoy a long, happy, healthy life. We also administer vaccinations that kick-start your pet's immune system to defend against certain deadly infectious diseases. Parasite prevention and regular dental checkups/cleanings are other wellness essentials we're always happy to provide.

Diagnostics and Treatments

Our sophisticated array of diagnostic technologies can help us detect any problems your pet may be having. These services include digital radiology, ultrasound imaging, and a full laboratory for analyzing samples. Available treatment include:

  • Orthopedic surgery - Our skilled veterinarians in Vancouver can perform many kinds of orthopedic surgery. We can reconstruct an injured knee, fuse arthritic joints, replace diseased hips,mend complex fractures and much more.
  • Dermatology - Your pet's skin is susceptible to scrapes, bacteria, parasites, dermatitis, tumors and other health threats. We will examine your pet's skin and administer the necessary treatments to keep it in good shape.
  • Dental care - We can treat oral cancer, dental infections, injuries and many other dental problems.
  • Nutritional counseling - What should you feed your pet? We can provide nutritional counseling based on your animal's breed, size, age, health status and any particular allergies he may have.
  • Weight management - If your pet is overweight, we can make specific dietary and exercise recommendations to help him slim down -- helping him steer clear of the diseases associated with obesity.

Whatever form of treatment your pet receives, our in-house pharmacy can provide you with any related prescriptions. Now you can scratch that extra trip to the pharmacy off your to-do list!

Other Services Our Vancouver Vets Provide

In addition to traditional vet services, we're also happy to provide such important extras as micro-chipping, boarding and grooming. The injection of a tiny microchip under your pet's skin will ensure that animal shelter workers can identify him even if his collar ID tag has come off. Boarding your pet at our Vancouver animal hospital is a smart move. Not only will your pet enjoy comfortable, spacious accommodations and plenty of human affection while you're away, but he'll also have ready access to any medical care or supervision he may require. Grooming is as good for your pet's health and comfort as it is for his looks and smell.

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