Rene Connolly

Rene Connolly

After being a stay-at-home mom for many years, Rene was encouraged by a friend to get into veterinary medicine. Although she was apprehensive about going back to school, she did, and absolutely loved it! Two weeks into her schooling she was hired at a veterinary clinic, and her career began. Starting as a Kennel Attendant, then working her way to receptionist and Veterinary Assistant, she now serves as the Office Manager at Cambie Animal Hospital.

Rene grew up in Vancouver as the youngest of five children. 18 years ago, she secured her first job at a veterinary clinic, and has since worked at six wonderful hospitals before coming to Cambie Animal Hospital. She loves meeting and working with animals and their caring owners, and is especially passionate about educating owners on good preventative health care.

Surgery, particularly the processes of removing malignant tissues and repairing wounds, is Dr. Hsu’s main area of interest within veterinary medicine. She also likes communicating with pet owners, understanding their concerns and being able to help.

Rene has four adult sons, Curtis, Brandon, Ryan, and Jeremy. She lives with her two dogs: Mugsy, a black pug, and Major, a Chihuahua/Jack Russell cross.

Rene’s family is her greatest achievement, and spending time with them is her main hobby. She also enjoys cooking, music, baking, traveling to England to visit her grandson, and walking with her dogs.

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