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How healthy is your faithful pet at the moment? You might assume from a healthy coat, happy demeanor and good appetite that all is well, but some lurking health issues can go unnoticed until they finally become obvious -- and your pet finally experiences symptoms of a serious problem. That's why it always makes good sense to take a preventative approach to your pet's wellness. Here at Cambie Animal Hospital, we're more than happy to monitor your pet's health as your source for Vancouver BC pet wellness exams.

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The Value of Preventative Wellness

An ounce of prevention is worth much more than the proverbial pound of cure. By the time a significant health challenge becomes obvious, the condition may be so far advanced that only extensive major treatment can get it under control. In the worst-case scenario, it might even be too late for medical intervention. Even a less serious ailment can cause your pet discomfort and limit his quality of life. The earlier any disease or dysfunction is detected, the more easily, quickly, completely and affordably it can be managed or resolved. That's why preventative wellness is such as critical aspect of preserving your pet's health, not only in the form of vaccinations or dental care but also through regularly-scheduled wellness exams.

Wellness Exams From Your Vancouver Veterinarian

Our team at Cambie Animal Hospital includes three experienced veterinarians, any of which can provide the wellness exams your pet needs. These regular appointments not only allow us to detect hidden issues in their earliest stages,but they're also a great opportunity for your pet to bond with your Vancouver veterinarian and grow comfortable with our clinic. They also give you a chance to bring up any concerns or questions you may have about your pet's diet, activity level, or any physical/behavioral changes you may have noticed. We usually recommend an annual wellness exam for most healthy adult animals, with two or more annual exams for baby animals, geriatric pets, or pets under treatment for health problems. A typical wellness exam includes:

    • Laboratory testing of urine, blood and/or fecal samples to check for any signs of disease or systemic health problems
    • Checking your pet's weight
    • Examining the eyes, eyes, nose, skin, tail, coat and other external features
    • Evaluating stance, gait, sensory responses, attitude and behavior
    • Tests to check for parasitic infestations

To Schedule A Pet Wellness Exam -- Contact Your Veterinarian in Vancouver, BC Today!

Once we've completed all our evaluations, your veterinarian in Vancouver BC can make recommendations based on the findings. We may put your pet on a diet, recommend exercises, prescribe medications to address chronic pain conditions in the making, or start treatment as needed for any systemic diseases we may find.

Your pet deserves the highest standard of wellness and comfort. Make it possible for him by calling Cambie Animal Hospital at (604) 321-6600 to schedule a pet wellness exam!

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