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Nothing is more agonizing for a pet owner than watching a beloved animal go through a serious or deadly illness. Dangerous infections threaten pets on a daily basis -- which is why it's so critical to ensure that your pets have the necessary immunity against the most common and devastating ailments. Our three-vet team at Cambie Animal Hospital offers that protection. Your pet can live a long, healthy, happy life with the aid of vaccinations and booster shots from your veterinarian in Vancouver BC.

Why Vaccinate Your Pet?

Your pet's immune system is perfectly capable of protecting him against a variety of diseases, but first it must make antibodies specifically configured to fight those germs. This response usually occurs after the first exposure to the disease in question -- but if the disease is dangerous enough, that first exposure may be a fatal one. Vaccinations are designed to get the production of antibodies started before the actual disease can strike. A vaccine is a non-infectious version of the disease organism that presents itself to the immune system as if it were a genuine threat, triggering the production of antibodies that keep your pet protected for as long as the vaccine remains potent.

Vaccination Types and Schedules

Vaccinations for pets fall into two primary categories: core and non-core. Core vaccinations are the ones all pets need for proper protection against those everyday germs that can wreak havoc on their health. Cats, for instance, require core vaccinations against panleukopenia, rabies, feline calici virus and feline herpesvirus type 1; dogs require core vaccinations against parvo virus, distemper, rabies and canine hepatitis.

Non-core (or elective) vaccinations are more environment-specific in nature. For instance, if your pet spends time in boarding facilities or pet daycare centers, your Vancouver veterinarian may recommend vaccinating him against feline leukemia, Bordetella, canine influenza, and other diseases easily spread through close contact with other animals.

You should schedule core vaccinations for your pet as early in life as possible; generally starting around 6 to 8 weeks of age. That's because baby animals are completely without disease resistance once they stop "borrowing" immunity through their mother's milk. Most of the core vaccines can be combined into a single injection. But even after several initial rounds of vaccinations have built the strongest possible immunity, your pet's need for ongoing vaccination isn't over yet. After a period of time (which may vary from vaccine to vaccine), the protection begins to fade. That's why your veterinarian in Vancouver BC will advise on specific times your pet will need updates, or booster shots, to keep his disease immunity consistently strong.

Your Vancouver Veterinarian Is Ready to Protect Your Pet

If your pet has never been vaccinated or is due for a booster shot, don't put that all-important appointment off. Let Cambie Animal Hospital keep your beloved companion safe against life-threatening diseases. Call (604) 321-6600 today to schedule vaccinations from your Vancouver veterinarian!

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