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Pet Microchipping Services Offered by Cambie Animal Hospital

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Pet microchipping has been available for around two decades and is being chosen by an increasing number of pet owners. It involves a small chip slightly larger than the size of a large grain of rice that is implanted in the back of the animal’s neck via a hypodermic needle.

Benefits of Pet Microchipping

Pet microchips contain four basic components: a capacitor, connecting wire, antenna and covering. They are activated via a low-power radio frequency emitted by the scanner that can read the microchip. When activated, each microchip emits a unique ID number that is stored in the chip. Some can transmit data about the animal’s state of health, but most are used for identification purposes.
It is estimated that one in three pets will go missing at some point in their lives. However, pet microchipping has thus far has facilitated and allowed millions of pets to be reunited with their owners. One study found that only 2 percent of lost cats without microchips are found and returned home. However, microchipped cats have a 20 times higher chance of being returned home.

Implant Procedure from Your Vancouver Veterinarian is Safe

Pet microchipping from your Vancouver, BC veterinarian isn’t just for dogs and cats, either. Just about any pet can be microchipped, including birds, small animals and some exotic pets. Pet microchipping can bring peace of mind knowing that in the event your animal becomes lost, there is a much higher chance of recovering and reconnecting with them due to this innovative identification system.

Pet microchip data can include the owner’s name and phone number so that when a pet is found and identified, the owner can be contacted so that they pet can be picked up and return home.

The implant procedure for a pet microchip is safe and minimally invasive. There is no anesthetic is required and is as simple as administering a routine shot. While a pet microchip is not a GPS tracking device, it does allows anyone who finds your pet to bring the animal to a veterinarian to find out who the pet belongs to based upon the information contained on the chip.

Peace of Mind For Pet Owners

While a pet collar with tags can provide information about a pet and its owner, there’s always a risk this collar can be removed or fall off. By comparison, microchips are permanent and always providing a way for your pet to be identified in the event they are lost.

Many pets adopted from shelters already have microchips. However, it is crucial for the new owner to update the information associated with the chip to ensure the pet will be connected with their current household and owner’s phone number.

Contact Our Vancouver Veterinarian for Pet Microchipping Services

Pet microchipping and identification is available from your Vancouver, BC veterinarian. Cambie Animal Hospital has been providing exceptional veterinary care to the Vancouver, BC area since 1984 and has an extensive list of services to offer your pet. We provide care to a range of pets including dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits and pocket pets. Contact your premier Vancouver, BC veterinarian to learn more about pet microchipping today.

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