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Pet Dental Exams From Our Vancouver Veterinarian

One of the keys to being a responsible pet owner is bringing your dog or cat in for an annual wellness exam. A pet checkup can uncover any number of hidden illnesses or health concerns, including ones revealed by your pet's teeth and gums. At Cambie Animal Hospital in Vancouver, we offer a comprehensive pet dental exam every time you bring your pet in for a checkup. It's the best way to get an early diagnosis on a wide variety of diseases, both minor and deadly.

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Reasons for Pet Dental Exams in Vancouver

Your pet's oral hygiene can be a window into its internal health. Many diseases will hide within a pet's system, with the only clue being symptoms that show in the state of your pet's mouth. In every pet wellness exam, our Vancouver vets will check your pet's entire oral system, looking for the earliest signs that your dog or cat may be sick. Some of the place we'll check are:

    • The tongue, which may be swollen, coated or overly red
    • The teeth, looking for missing or loose examples as well as tartar buildup that signals the beginning or oral disease
    • The gums, which can be red and swollen or sensitive and bleeding
    • Even your pet's breath. When your pet's mouth smells extremely bad, it can be a sign that infection is starting to set in deep in your pet's body, inside one of its organs.

Pet Dental Care at Home

If you've never brushed your pet's teeth before, it's important that you learn. Much like with human beings, poor hygiene in pets can lead to tartar and plaque buildup. The buildup can eventually cement to your pet's teeth, creating spaces where bacterial will grow. This bacteria can spread to the rest of your pet's body and infect its heart, lungs and other organs.

If you're not familiar with regular pet toothbrushing, we'll show you how after your pet's wellness exam. It's a learning process, and it's important to go slowly at first, especially if your pet's never had its teeth cleaned on a regular basis. There are important things to remember while brushing a dog's or cat's teeth:

    • Start as early as possible, when your pet is a puppy or kitten, if possible
    • Only use toothpaste meant for pets. Never use human toothpaste
    • Always pick a calm time for brushing your pet's teeth, especially when it's still a new experience
    • Make sure to brush the inside of your pet's teeth as well as the outside surfaces
    • If your pet simply won't get used to the toothbrush, try a bristled finger cot for easier control
    • Feed your pet dry food instead of wet, for less tartar buildup
    • Give your dog or cat snacks designed to clean its teeth while it chews

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Your pet's dental health is surprisingly important when it comes to living a disease-free life. If your pet is due for its annual wellness exam, call our office at (604) 321-6600 to make an appointment.

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