Vancouver Animal Control

Vancouver’s municipally run shelter is a pro-adoption shelter. Dogs that are adoptable or treatable are not put down. The shelter makes every effort to keep dogs alive and find them homes. There is no time limit for animals in their care; as long as they are happy and healthy the shelter will continue to try and find them their forever home. To learn more, including how you can help through donations, fostering a pet in in need or adopting one permanently, visit the Vancouver Animal Control website.


Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue

Turtle Gardens is a family operated group home that specializes in helping stray/feral dogs from First Nation Communities and Municipal Pounds. Most of the dogs in their care are first and second generation strays – they have never been in a building, let alone a home. The Turtle Gardens team works with these dogs to help them learn socialization skills and to develop them into family pets that can be adopted. They live with the dogs as a family group; sharing their home so the dogs can learn firsthand how to be a family companion. The TG website features information about their services, details on how you can foster or adopt a dog in their care and much more.


HugABull Advocacy and Rescue Society

HugABull is a network of rescuers, adopters, and supporters of the pit bull breed. To date, HugABull has re-homed over 400 dogs. They’d love to eventually be the “go to” organization for pit bull related issues in BC, and one day even have their own shelter. HugABull’s ultimate goal is to see a day where no pit bull is euthanized or passed by for adoption because of its breed.Their website is filled with helpful information about pit bulls and how to be a responsible owner. You can help support this worthy cause and provide care to this misunderstood breed through donations, fostering, adoption and volunteering.


College of Veterinarians of British Columbia (CVBC)

The College of Veterinarians of British Columbia was created to serve the interests of the public and animals through the regulation and advancement of the veterinary profession in British Columbia. The CVBC’s mission is to create, promote and enforce a high standard of qualification, conduct and competence by practitioners of veterinary medicine. The CVBC website contains information about the college as well as a wealth of other resources that are helpful to both those in the veterinary field as well as pet owners.


Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA)

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) is the national voice for the veterinary profession dedicated to serving and representing the veterinarians of Canada. The Association is committed to excellence within the profession and to the well-being of animals. It promotes public awareness of the contribution of animals and veterinarians to society.


Hill’s Pet Prescription Diet

Hill’s Pet Nutrition is dedicated to helping pets reach their full potential through quality nutrition and healthcare. They offer a wide range of quality pet foods to help animals maintain a healthy and nutritious diet. The Hill’s Pet Nutrition website contains information about their products as well as a number of other helpful resources for pet owners.



Zoetis provides veterinarians with the resources they need to provide the highest quality of care and support so that companion animals can stay active and well. Their products can help improve the quality and extend the life of cats, dogs and horses, while also making it easier for owners to guarantee the health and wellness of their companion animals. Included in their comprehensive portfolio of products lines is vaccines, parasiticides, anti-infectives, medicinal feed additives and other pharmaceuticals such as pain and sedation medicines. Learn more about Zoetis and their products by visiting the website.


Vancouver Animal Emergency Clinic

Located on west 4th, the Vancouver Animal Emergency Clinic is dedicated to providing 24 hour emergency and critical care services for companion animals. Their expert team of veterinarians, veterinary technicians, veterinary office assistants and support staff are available around the clock to provide every animal that comes through their door with the highest quality of care and timely service. If your pet needs urgent care during a time when those of us at Cambie Animal Hospital are not available to provide that care, you can count on the folks at Vancouver Animal Emergency Clinic.


Intercity Animal Emergency Clinic

The Intercity Animal Emergency Clinic is an after-hours urgent veterinary care facility located on Marine, near Fraser in Vancouver. The clinic is run by an experienced team with proven record of excellence in the field of small animal and critical care. Their team is made up of doctors, registered technicians, veterinary assistants, and receptionists who are specifically trained in providing emergency care. Should your pet require emergency veterinary care during a time when those of us at Cambie Animal Hospital are not available to provide that care, you can count on the folks at InterCity Animal Emergency Clinic.

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