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Pet House Calls For Emergency and Routine Care
pet emergency house calls

House calls aren’t just for people. House calls for pets by a veterinarian in Vancouver, BC or emergency animal doctor are becoming increasingly popular. But is a house call right for your pet and your household? Besides the obvious, how exactly does a vet house call differ from traditional veterinary care?

Mobile Veterinary Truck or Van

This type of veterinarian is almost like a clinic on wheels. A specialized vehicle is outfitted with the equipment required to perform a wide range of services for the pet. X-rays and test kits are on board to assist pets with a range of issues. This solution is ideal for emergencies.

Routine Services At Home From Your Veterinarian in Vancouver, BC

Your veterinarian in Vancouver, BC can also make house calls to perform what would be considered routine exams and services for pets. They can give vaccinations, heartworm and flea treatments and even some blood tests. This solution is ideal for pets that have become housebound for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Elderly Pets. Pets that are older and have become frail may be harder to transport from the home.
  • Injured Pets. If a pet has sustained a previous injury or has become disabled, it is likely a good idea to opt for a house call versus subjecting them to the stress of a trip to the vet.
  • Skittish Pets. Pets prone to extreme nervousness when taken out of the house for a trip to the vet are also ideal candidates for this type of house call. This allows the pet to receive the routine care they need without the ordeal of a car ride to an unfamiliar setting. The result is a less stressful experience for everyone involved.
  • Pets Prone to Aggression. Some pets just do not play well with others and in some cases could be prone to aggression toward animals and humans when stressed. In these cases, a house call by a trusted veterinarian is the safest route.
  • Pets with a Terminal Illness. House calls can also be the best course of action when a pet is in his or her last months or weeks of life. This can help them to stay comfortable and have the highest quality of life possible. On the pet’s final day, the veterinarian can come to your home so that your pet can pass in peace surrounded by those they love best.
  • Multiple Pet Households. When there are multiple pets that require attention, a house call can make life much easier. Instead of bringing everybody in, your vet can come to you. The result is less disruption and increased peace of mind.

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If you think your pet could benefit from a house call, contact your trusted veterinarian in Vancouver, BC to discuss your options. Cambie Animal Hospital has been serving the Vancouver, BC pet owner community since 1984. We’re a full service vet with the ability to treat dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits and pocket pets. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional veterinary care along with outstanding service.

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