Geoffrey has always had an innate passion for animals. From a very young age, he wanted to pursue a career that would allow him to work closely with them, and eventually decided to work in the veterinary field, getting his Veterinary Office Assistant’s diploma in September 2014. Geoffrey continues to advance his knowledge of veterinary medicine in his path to practice as a veterinarian.

Growing up in Hong Kong, Geoffrey’s family joked that he inherited his love for animals from his grandfather. From watching nature documentaries to reading biology texts, his fascination never faded, and lead to him graduating from the University of British Columbia with a degree in Applied Animal Biology.

Geoffrey has a leopard gecko named Aster, and always enjoys spending time with his inquisitive pet. He has a large interest in exotic pets, and hopes to have the capacity to keep more of these enchanting creatures in the future. In his spare time, Geoffrey also enjoys the arts, and spends it drawing, reading and participating in ballroom dancing competitions.

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