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    Fun Ways to Exercise With Your Dog in 2016

    Jan 01 2016

    Happy New Year! Many of us choose this date to set new personal goals for the coming year. Personal fitness is a very popular one. If you’re looking to get…

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    Holiday Gifts for Pets

    Dec 01 2015

    Do you get holiday gifts for your furry pal? If so, you’re not alone! Fido and Fluffy are part of the family too, so it’s only natural for us to…

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    How to Manage Your Dog’s Table Begging

    Nov 01 2015

    If you have a dog, you’re probably quite familiar with the sight of your canine pal training those sad puppy dog eyes on you while you’re eating. Man’s Best Friend…

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    Caring for Multiple Cats

    Oct 01 2015

    Do you have more than one cat? There are few things cuter than seeing two kitties snuggled up together! When it comes to caring for multiple cats, however, there are…

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    Help Your Overweight Cat to Slim Down

    Sep 01 2015

    Your orange tabby Trixie has joined the Chubby Cat Club. For years, your eight-year-old feline housemate stayed fit by racing through the house and romping with her toys. These vigorous…

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    Provide Valuable Support to Animal-Related Charities

    Aug 01 2015

    Your shepherd mix Samson really is your canine best friend. Three years ago, you adopted this loyal companion through an animal rescue group. This active pooch seems to thrive on…

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    Keeping Your Dog Safe this Summer

    Jul 01 2015

    The temperatures are on the rise as the summer continues, and your pet’s health should be foremost in your mind! Use your Vancouver veterinarian’s tips, found below, to make sure…

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    Kick-Start Your Dog’s Health With a Nutritious Diet

    Jul 01 2015

    Your golden retriever Tucker is a supercharged pooch. This three-year-old canine housemate is frequently in motion, enjoying brisk neighborhood trots and fast-paced dog park visits. He even joins you for…

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    Microchipping Your Pet

    Jun 01 2015

    One of the best things you can ever do for the health of your cat or dog is to have them properly identified. One of the easiest and most reliable…

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    Rabbits and Chewing

    May 01 2015

    Rabbits are undeniably adorable, and can make wonderful pets. These sweet, playful animals can be very gentle, if properly socialized, and are also very fun to play with or watch.…