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Welcome to Cambie Animal Hospital, Your Veterinarian in Vancouver

As the leading veterinarians in Vancouver we understand how much you love and care for your pets. We want to help you provide your pets with optimal health and wellness at Cambie Animal Hospital. Our facility has been serving pets in the Vancouver community since 1984. Our Vancouver veterinarians Drs. Ubi, Jean Hsu, and Elizabeth Kuan offer comprehensive animal services including medical care, pet dentistry, and pet surgery. Discover the difference that Cambie Animal Hospital can make for your pet.

Puppies at Cambie Animal Hospital in Vancouver

Why Choose Cambie Animal Hospital?

We strive to create a lasting bond between your veterinarians in Vancouver and your pet. This gives your vet the greatest ability to pick up on signs and diagnose ailments in your pet. Our vets are completely transparent when it comes to your pet’s care, which gives you a healthy peace of mind. As your preferred Vancouver veterinarians we handle every furry patient with the utmost care and professionalism. Our vets ensure that quality of service extends to each and every visit, and each and every pet. To carry out this mission we provide urgent care for pets at our full-service animal hospital. We have a veterinarian and vet personnel on duty six days a week to assist your pets. Additionally, we treat dogs, cats, pocket pets, ferrets, and rabbits with complete vet services.

Services Provided From Our Vancouver Veterinarians

As a general practice hospital we offer annual pet wellness checks, which are paramount to our practice. During these wellness visits your Vancouver veterinarians are able to bond with your pet and get to know the both of you better. It is also the best form of preventative care you can provide for your pet. When you come visit for your pet's wellness check, it is the ideal time to bring up any worries or concerns regarding your pet. Vaccines for pets is another method of preventative care. We will develop a personalized vaccination plan for your pet depending on their home environment, activity level, and breed. Another form of preventive care for pets is pet dentistry, which is available at Cambie Animal Hospital.

If you are bringing your pet in for urgent pet care or emergency services, we typically begin with a diagnosis using X-rays as needed. We have an in-house laboratory that allows us to speed up the blood screen or wellness panel results for diagnosing your pet’s condition. From there we offer specialized services for pets including digital radiology, orthopedic surgery, dermatology, nutrition counseling, and microchipping. We also provide on-site pet boarding and grooming services to keep your pet in optimal health during their own mini vacation.

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Here at Cambie Animal Hospital we endeavor to be the leading veterinarians in Vancouver. Our vets and personnel look forward to meeting you and your furry family members. To schedule your appointment with a Vancouver veterinarian please call (604) 321-6600. We offer online New Client Registration for your convenience.

Dr. A Ubi
Vancouver Veterinarian | Cambie Animal Hospital | (604) 321-6600

7555 Cambie St.
Vancouver, BC V6P 3H6

Veterinary team at Cambie Animal Hospital in Vancouver, BC

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  • Dr.

    Dr. Ubi grew up among animals and was always interested in the veterinary field. Since he was little, his favorite animal was the dog. Now he cares for dogs and a variety of other pets as a Veterinarian and the Practice Owner of Cambie Animal Hospital!

  • Dr.
    Elizabeth Kuan

    Dr Elizabeth Kuan volunteered at Cambie Animal Hospital for over 9 years and is now back as our full-time veterinarian.

  • Dr.
    Jean Hsu

    Dr. Hsu was born in Taipei, Taiwan, and moved to Vancouver with her family when she was in high school. She always wanted a career working with animals, and decided to give herself the chance to pursue a challenging and fulfilling career!

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  • "We love Cambie Animal Hospital. After searching for the right vet we found Dr. Ubi by chance. He's kind, compassionate and listens to your concerns. He doesn't push treatments but instead has a harm reduction mentality which we've always appreciated."
    Karen Merrifield
  • "Dr. Ubi and his staff are professional, caring, courteous, and thorough. They have taken good care of my dog for many years."
    Peter Kwok
  • "The Staff were great and Dr. Ubi had a great manner with our dog who was slightly nervous in the check up room. I really appreciated that they did a follow-up call to see how he was after his vaccinations."
    Daelik Hackenbrook
  • "We had a very positive experience. The technician was patient and caring and the Dr was wonderful. We will recommend this clinic to our friends :)"
    Maria Lao